Solar-Powered Retirement Communities

 A new concept for real Social Security. This concept is written to encourage future retirees, developers, and manufactured home communities to RE-Think about a few “ALTERNATIVES”.

Waaay back (1975) when I was a junior in South Houston High School I was selected to represent my school district at a Nuclear Science Symposium at UT Austin.  They were proud of their Tokamak fusion reactor and were using it to build the case for nuclear power.  I was just a kid and understood nuclear power was ridiculous.

I tried college but joined the Army and ended up crewing CH47 Chinooks for the next 24 years.  Served in skirmishes in Central America and S.E. Asia.  At 18 years of service I started looking for the Army exit.  I started thinking, “what’s the best way to hug a tree to get money out of it?”  

I knew I had a lot to learn, so in 2002 I retired to work for an electric vehicle propulsion “system” manufacturer.  A few years later I hired on at a high-performance home manufacturer, then for a solar panel installation company, then a residential energy auditor and then for a high-performance site-built home builder.

I tried pushing a lot of rope!  Ever tried to push rope?

After the 2021 Texas power outages the grid needs reinforcement.  Solar and energy storage is cheaper/faster to design/build than all other methods of generating electricity and our social security system sucks!!  So why not solve both problems at the same time?  Cradle-to-Grave for power generation and quality of life.

Who else will benefit greater than low-to-middle income retirees surviving on a fixed budget and able to live in new manufactured homes pulled under the shade of a solar farm?  This is a no-brainer!

In Texas, THIS is how you hug a tree.  A Money Tree!!

If you would like me to take a look at your existing site for potential power generation, or if you are planning on developing a Manufactured Home Community and just want a general assessment, I’ll do it for free and send it back to you.

David M. Densford
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