Retirement Communities

A New Concept for Real Social Security

This concept is written to encourage future retirees, developers, and manufactured home
communities to RE-Think about a few “ALTERNATIVES”.

Texas is expecting to be home to 12 million 55+ year-old residents by 2050.

A 1 MW solar PV power plant will need about 2 acres and
cost $3 million to build and fill with manufactured homes

Solar Farms

Simple solar farms, built high enough, could be microgrids designed as “Independent-Living” Retirement Communities. 2 acres of solar = 1 Megawatt of electricity. Enough electricity to power 400-900 homes. 100 acres = 50 Megawatts of electricity. Enough electricity to power most small towns.

Energy Storage

8-10 hours of sustainable energy storage should be required in the design of every Solar Farm.  This will guarantee 24 hours of power balance for grid smoothing, peak load sharing, nighttime and inclement weather.

Do The Math!

Solar-Powered MHCs (Manufactured Housing Communities) for just 1% of the projected 12 million senior Texans by the year 2050 can generate an easy 4 Gigawatts.

So…every 1% of Senior Texans living in the shade of solar farms can generate the equivalent of 4 nuclear reactors.

“RE-Think” Solar-Powered Social Security

Our Senior Texans are our most valuable “Renewable Resource”.

Where else are we going to get all the electricity we are going to need? 


Bwahahahahaha!  Don’t be stupid!


Sprinkle a few dozen of these bad boys around the Texas Grid.

Save our Social Security System and our Electrical Grid. I don’t want money but I do want you to share this concept. Buy a bunch of shirts and wear them every day.